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Established in 2010 by partners in life and business, Mick and Natalie Wells, Wells Interiors Ltd has cemented a reputation for its unparalleled expertise in the installation of high-end and bespoke wallpapers.

Having met in Panama while crewing on a 50m private motor yacht in 2007 (which was actually considered big back then!), from the very beginning of their relationship Mick and Natalie worked together in a high-performance environment. This shaped their understanding of personalised customer service and elite teamwork and also instilled in them the need for continual improvement and a desire to pioneer new standards. Perhaps most importantly it also taught them the life-lesson that aiming to do any role to the best of your possible ability, is one of the most rewarding things you can do.  

Moving ahead to Melbourne in 2009, a chance conversation with Mick’s sister Karen (who had spent over a decade working for de Gournay and Fromental while in London) let them in on the little-known need for specialist paperhangers in London. 

And so over one evening, their vision of a specialist paperhanging firm combining the skill of master craftsmen with the service ethos of a superyacht crew was born. Mick set about building the vital foundations in 2010 and Natalie joined officially in 2013 as demand for their services rocketed.

In the years since they’ve succeeded in connecting with a valuable team of expert craftsmen who naturally identify with the philosophy of the brand, which has enabled them to take on larger, more ambitious projects from London penthouses to Indonesian palaces.

As a family-run business, the success of every single project matters and its their privilege to have worked with many customers and wallcovering brands who share their passion for excellence and who are setting new heights for the industry in their own arenas.

The next stage in their journey is to help introduce a new generation of decorators to this rewarding niche trade and to continue to be the flag bearer for high-performing paperhangers who pursue mastery of their craft.


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