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We’ve included the most frequently asked questions here, but please message us using the Enquire Now button above if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for or would like further details.

What is the Wells Quality Guarantee? + _

We take great pride in the quality of our team’s work and integrity is one of our key values. However, whilst our installers are the finest in the industry, they are also human. We maintain high standards by being the harshest critics of our own work and if there is ever a quality issue due to our workmanship, we will own up and rectify the issue at our cost and as a priority.

What do your prices include? + _

Our quote includes labour, all materials and lining paper if applicable. Reasonable parking and congestion charge costs are included if required. Parking costs will be removed if parking can be provided. They DO NOT include the wallpaper itself.

What’s your cancellation policy and is my deposit refundable? + _

We request 2 weeks notice of cancellation if possible, however our deposits are refundable up to the start date.

Will you provide wallpaper quantities? + _

Yes we will. Please ask if you require quantities.

Do you travel for projects overseas? + _

Yes we do.

Are you available for promotional or charity installations? + _

We set aside time for a limited number of discounted installations each year. Please contact if this is something you’re interested in.

When should I schedule in the installation as part of my project? + _

We recommend installing wallpaper after all other trades have completed their work. Bulky furnishings that could damage the wallcovering(s) should be moved in first. Carpets can be installed before or after us. Soft furnishings and curtains should be safely out of the way, or installed after we are finished.

What address should I send samples to? + _

Please see our contact page for our location addresses. If for a quote, please send to Sales in Suffolk, if your project is in progress and you need to send to our Project manager, please send to our London address.

How do I prepare for my installation? + _

By your start date, please ensure that:

  1. the work area is clear of all obstructive furniture. 
  2. All other painting and decoration is complete. 
  3. The area is free of other tradesmen or workers. 
  4. The walls are prepared to a suitable condition ready for lining (i.e. all filling completed/walls made good).
How much wallpaper do I need? + _

We will work out quantities for you, however if you want to work out rough estimates yourself, here is a downloadable guide to quantifying for you to use.

How do I check your availability? + _

Please email details of your project to

Can you quote to supply and fit? + _

Yes we can, please let the sales team know you’d like us to quote for both.

Where should the wallpaper be delivered to? + _

Your wallpaper should always be delivered to site/your home. We cannot receive wallpaper orders unless expressly arranged.

Can you advise on wallpaper suitability? + _

Yes, we’re more than happy to give our thoughts on suitability of selected wallcovering. In fact we would always highlight if we think a chosen wallpaper is unsuitable for the designated area.

What brands have you installed before? + _

Please see our Partners page for a list of brands we work with most commonly. If your chosen brand isn’t there, please email to check.

Can you quote from plans? + _

We will provide an estimate from plans but would usually only quote after a site visit as plans do often differ from reality. However we have on occasion, for simple projects, quoted from plans.

Can you quote from miniatures? + _

We will provide a very close estimate from plans but would firm this up after a site visit.

How far in advance so I need to book you? + _

Our schedule changes daily, so last minute availability is possible, however to guarantee your date we’d recommend booking in 2- 3 months in advance.

Can you do test samples of new wallcoverings? + _

Yes, we’re very happy to test wallpaper samples of new or unusual wallcoverings.

I have new carpets, can I trust your team to take care? + _

Absolutely! Our team are all very experienced at working in the finest homes. We have protective booties for shoes and can arrange for floor protection if need be. 

How quickly can you provide a quote? + _

can provide close estimates within 24 hours. If a site visit is required, we can provide a quote within 7 working days.

Are you recruiting? + _

Yes! We’re always looking for new talent to join the team, especially highly-skilled installers. Please visit our careers page for more information.

What does it take to be a Wells installer? + _

Passion, a growth mindset and positive, can-do attitude. Please see our Careers page for more information.

What areas do you cover? + _

Our team is London-based and work primarily in Central London, Greater London and Surrey. However we do frequently travel to projects further afield and are open to enquiries from around the World; so please do reach out if you have a project to discuss, regardless of location.

Where is a good place to buy wallpaper? + _
There are so many wonderful wallpaper brands so we wrote an article on this recently, please do take a look, here.
How long is your newsletter giveaway running for? + _

The Selfridges voucher competition ends on Sunday 31st March. T&Cs apply. Contact for more information. 

What are the T&C's of the Instagram giveaways (Andrew Martin & Diane Hill?) + _

The installation prize is up to three days with one Wells Interiors installer. Standard walls only, any special features including jib doors, socket templates, joinery etc will be quoted as an extra. Travel expenses and accommodation payable if beyond Greater London, paid in full and in advance. All radiators and wall fittings to be removed before our arrival and reinstalled by a suitable professional. We will not remove any electrical or plumbing items. The room must be clear of furniture and any valuables stored in a separate area. For more information, email 

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