Elevativing wallpaper installation to a craft

Our goal is for paperhanging to be seen as a master craft and receive the respect it deserves throughout the international interiors industry. Whether you’re an experienced wallpaper installer with a proven background working with prestigious brands, or a highly-skilled decorator who’s keen to specialise and shows great promise, there could be a space on the team for you. We’re a strong team, and the glue that holds us together is a shared passion for continual growth as an installer, enjoyment and pride from working in a high performance environment and a desire to be a positive, supportive team member.

Our core values are:

Craftmanship | Leadership | Gratitude 

Our communication mantras are:

Seek clarity | Be honest | Never work off assumptions

If these values and mantras resonate and you feel you’d be a good fit for the team, we’d love to hear from you!

what is it like working for Wells?

Using sporting terminology, we see ourselves as an invitational team drawing on the most talented paperhangers in London.

Whether employed or a contractor, while working with Wells you’re guaranteed to work with the most luxurious & challenging wallcoverings, in the most beautiful properties, alongside the UK’s top interior designers & contractors.

We expect our installers to bring their best game each and every day, but in return we offer our employed installers: great pay, 30 days holiday, maternity or paternity leave, private health insurance and their own set of Wells uniform, tools and equipment. 

For contractors with established businesses and their own client-base to work around, we offer contracting opportunities that help fill in schedule gaps while removing the stress of juggling site issues or chasing late payers.

We invite applications from all people who feel drawn to work with us, regardless of age, gender identity, race or orientation.

Join Wells Interiors

If you’re interested in becoming a Wells installer or would like to learn more about contractor opportunities in London, we'd really love to hear from you. While experience is desirable, we are much more concerned with bringing the right personalities into the team, so please do reach out if you feel drawn to using either the form below or by emailing us at recruitment@wells-interiors.com.

Working with Wells

The best thing about being part of Wells team is team work. Even when working alone on some projects everybody is there to support. Great communication between management and the team.

Wells Installer Network
Working with Wells

It's great working for a large company which focuses on quality. Wells standards are very high, but I love the challenge. It also helps that if there is any issue, we have great support. Dominic is never further than a phone call away.

Wells Installer Network
Working with Wells

I love the challenge, everybody here is always striving to do their best work. Plus, Wells always gets really nice, interesting jobs in beautiful homes.

Wells Installer Network
Working with Wells

Taking on a Wells project is always a pleasure. It’s a stress-free experience, from knowing that the job will be ready when I get there, the support from Mick and Dom if there are any issues, through to being paid in a timely fashion.

Owner of Twill Wallcovering Installations, Wells Installer Network
Working with Wells

The thing I like most about Wells is that we’re a friendly team who really understand the work and we’re all willing to jump in and help others out if a problem arises.

Wells Wallcovering Installer
Wells Interiors
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