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We are honoured to be recommended by some of the world’s leading wallcovering brands. They know they can trust us absolutely with their products, so any issues with installation can always be resolved swiftly and collaboratively. 

Located on the first floor of the DCCH, Abbott & Boyd is the UK representative of Elitis, Gaston and Le Crin.

Providing high-end interiors clients with wallcoverings that embody a richness of design in over 50 different materials.

Passionate designers and manufacturers of sophisticated wallcoverings, Arte's goal is to be innovative, trendsetting and luxurious.

Cole & Son maintains a commitment and passion for design excellence and quality craftsmanship.

Founded in 1976, Dedar is a family-run fabric house expressing a personal style with its cutting-edge contemporary collections.

The artists at de Gournay hand-paint perfect wallcoverings with painstaking detail and exceptional quality.

Fromental's hand-painted and often hand-embroidered designs are artistically unique and timeless.

The Gracie family has offered the finest ranges of hand-painted wallcoverings for over 120 years, crafted with exquisite detail.

GP & J Baker and its related brands provide the largest rich and diverse range of privately owned textile designs globally.

From the world’s most famous department store comes a quintessentially British luxury interior design studio.

House of Hackney delights us with unique prints inspired by the sublime palette of nature, artistically crafted in England.

Iksel pioneered the art of transforming hand-painted wallcoverings into digital prints to create captivating room settings.

Lewis & Wood are a British boutique wallcovering brand that only produces designs they genuinely love.

The uniquely curated, hand-painted and elegant wallpapers from Lizzo create sensual interiors with the highest possible taste.

Founded by sisters Maria and Ekaterina Yaschuk, this London-based company offer innovative LED wallpapers.

Nobilis blends updated tradition and favourites with a sharp focus on the quality of colourations, materials and drawings.

From their humble beginnings in New Jersey, Phillip Jeffries has become one of the world’s leaders in wallcoverings.

Often bold and always distinctive, their wallcoverings are offered in an impressive range of patterns, textures and designs.

The designs of Rubelli encapsulate tradition and innovation together with a distinctive Italian design ethic.

Sanderson Design Group is a collective of quintessentially British luxury interior brands and manufacturers.

The pioneer of luxury textile production in America, Schumacher has cultivated the highest forms of beauty since 1889.

If you wish to decorate your interiors with hues of joyful and uplifting auras, Soane Britain has the wallcovering designs for you.

Tektura’s life is colour, pattern and texture. Dedicated to delivering outstanding products that can transform a space.

The Thibaut is synonymous with beautiful traditional and transitional designs in signature colour palettes.

Turnell & Gigon work with the finest Houses in Europe and the U.S. to produce and distribute exquisite wallcoverings.

Zuber is the oldest wallcovering manufacturer in the world, producing hand-painted panoramic wallcoverings.

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