Meet Andrew Martin’s design director

Meet Andrew Martin’s design director

Andrew Martin has been a global leader of inventive, fusion and fun interiors since 1978. Having collaborated with the brand earlier this year, we were delighted to sit down once again with their Design Director, David Harris, who Wells are a big fan of. Here’s why… 

When did you join Andrew Martin?

February 2000.


what led you to this role?

Before Andrew Martin, I started at a small bespoke carpet manufacturer called Roger Oates Design who are based in Herefordshire where I lived. A fantastic company producing traditionally woven stair runners in fantastic designs. I started in the warehouse and moved through the company to a sales role visiting interior designers in London, and the rest is history.


How would you describe the Andrew martin aesthetic?

The AM aesthetic is a mix of styles which has been influenced from people, places and cultures from across the world. From the loft style apartments of NY with white linen sofas and natural rugs, the grandeur of English stately homes filled with antiquities and art, to the foothills of the Himalaya’s where handmade woven textiles are crafted. These influences can be found right through the furniture and textile designs across the collection.


do you have a favourite collection to date?

The Navigator and Engineer wallpaper collections. They set the tone for a complete redesign of how wallpaper was made and used. We made double rolls of books, stamps and timber boards, mathematical equations, and old wooden panelling. It changed the style of the 2000’s in the way that and art and manufacturing techniques came together to create these amazing back drops, before the digital printing revolution took off.


Crocus leaf wallpaper

where do you get your inspirations from?

This comes back to previous question, really. We get inspiration from the places we visit, the people we meet, the environment around us and the talented producers that we work with.


What is your best-selling wallpaper?

I think our best-selling wallpaper, in terms of rolls sold, must be our Library Multi book design from 2010. We have sold in excess of 25,000 rolls which is the equivalent to 250 kilometres. This has been used all over the world from houses, hotels, retail chains, TV shows, movies, and theatre sets. I think the most unusual place I saw it used was in a high-end shoe store in Korea, where it was laid into the floor and encased in acrylic.


what does 2024 have in store design-wise?

For 2024 we are working on some new designs printed on to Grasscloth and textured vinyl’s, which adds to the variety of styles we want to offer. In terms of collaborations nothing is official, but I’m sure we will continue to grow our partnerships with designers such as Kit Kemp and Sophie Patterson.


you’re known for many things, but your cushions are one of the icons. any fun plans for spring summer 2024?

In my brain there is always another cushion collection just around the corner and 2024 will be no different! We will be introducing new linens, embroideries, appliques, prints and weaves, with more outdoor weaves and trims too. We are constantly trying to think of new designs and styles to keep the collection fresh and exciting. AM cushions are an absolute must have, in any home!

Mythical Land, Andrew Martin x Kit Kemp

what are the key things to consider when planning the interior design of your home?

I think the amount of light in your home is a really key thing to consider, and which direction certain rooms face. North facing rooms can be lovely and cool in the summer, which is a relief, but in winter they can be cold. So, it’s important to make sure these rooms are warm, cosy and inviting at the coldest times of years. They can take dark, rich, luxurious colours and soft gentle lighting. It’s also worth considering installing an open fire or wood burning stove. Conversely, south facing rooms can be warm and sunny in the summer so it’s nice for them to have a light and airy feel. Maybe lots of fresh white paints, linen and materials that keep you cool. In the winter this works too as you are maximising the light at the darkest time of year.

inexpensive tricks for updating a room?

Cushions are always the go-to item for updating a room. Whether its swapping to warm Kilims and velvets for the autumn and winter, or fresh light linens for the summer, you can really change the feel of a room very quickly and easily. The same applies with rugs. You can go with more vintage style Kilims, shaved Moroccan rugs, or simpler high pile cream wool.

what areas should you invest in? 

Sofas, chairs, and beds are always key components in your home, this is where we relax and chill out, so it’s important that these items are very comfortable.

Song Bird, Andrew Martin x Kit Kemp

The kitchen is a room where we tend to spend most of our time, so making this area homely, welcoming, and relaxing, as well, and practical and functional is really important. Kitchens are obviously a huge investment, but you don’t have to go down the fully handmade route. Simpe units with beautiful fittings really help to elevate the look and make them feel more high end.



I wouldn’t get too bogged down by the rules, but a theme and aesthetic is fairly important, you do need things to flow. Colours need to work harmoniously; spaces need to work practically and as much built-in storage is essential so that you can keep your house looking perfect and clutter-free. Incorporate personal objects that reflect the personality of and you and the other people that you might live with. Objects that you have collected on your travels, or things that you are passionate about, art, photographs, and nature. Try to pick some designs that have a sense of humour and reflect the person you are.


For more information or to shop these looks, visit Andrew Martin

Lantern Parade, Andrew Martin x Kit Kemp
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