The prettiest pub in London

The Audley Public House has been transformed into an art triumph

This mosaic ceiling was our first ever art installation and, as you can imagine, being the brainchild of the late Dame Phyllida Barlow, it was an honour to be the chosen installer.

It was also our first ever pub ceiling and the first mosaic with individual, hand-painted pieces rather than a traditional purpose-made wallcovering. Firsts are always fun for us, plus it’s great training and experience for the team. The best bit of this job, being honest, was the fact it was our first ever collaboration. We are usually entrusted with a tight brief, but this felt like a really joint effort.

Although we met Phyllida two weeks before the job started, this was a highly unusual project as it was working ad-lib, with decisions being made on site. We needed to bring Phyllida’s vision to life on the ceiling. We were installing individual pieces of colour under her instruction. The installation process was exactly the same, but we worked much more impromptu than usual. The teams couldn’t have worked any better, or clicked any better. It was one of those jobs where all of the stars aligned and we were able to input a lot of technical nous which really helped with the execution of the installation.

This project has been featured on, and (among others!), along with the February issue of Premier Hospitality Magazine. 

It goes without saying that we were incredibly sad to hear the news of Phyllida’s death in March, and feel so fortunate that we got to work with her. To experience her talent first-hand was a total honour, one we will never forget. What a woman. 


London Artfarm Limited


Mayfair, London

Brand installed

Artist Phyllida Barlow's mosaic ceiling

Project Type

Public House

The ceiling is covered in a collage by British artist Dame Phyllida Barlow
Wells at work
Phyllida directing Team Wells where to place each piece
Installing each unique piece at Phyllida's instruction
Wells Interiors
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