In this case study we go behind the scenes and chat to founder of Wells, Mick Wells, and our Installer Lee, who gives us insight in to one of our most unique projects to date at a penthouse in East London.

S Tilestone is marketed as the world’s thinnest (and lightest) natural stone product and we’ve been excited by its potential ever since we first spotted it at the Altfield showroom. It’s safe to say we jumped at the opportunity to work with the team at Cassidy Hughes Interiors on this unique (but no-doubt soon to be copied) project to transform a media wall and fireplace joinery unit in this stunning duplex apartment.

The brief for this project was to use the S Tilestone wallcovering to wrap the joinery and replicate the look of natural stone.

What were the challenges?

Using the right combination of tiles to get a uniform look on the TV wall. It required a lot of templating and very detailed planning between Lee and I to come up with the layout that would ensure we cover absolutely every piece of the joinery. The trimming of the tiles was also challenging and time consuming, especially working around so many 90 degree angles. It took a lot of patience but was very rewarding.

What feature of this project was so noteworthy for Wells?

We’ve wrapped joinery many times before, but never with such a rigid, unyielding product such as S Tilestone. It’s exciting to test our skills on such a novel product – especially when the pressure is on to get the perfect look on a key feature of a room design.

Overall, what was the outcome?

This project was a great success and a fun first project to kick start our working relationship with Cassidy Hughes Interiors. We’ve already got another project booked with them - a project that’s a bit more within our comfort zone this time!

As specialist wallcovering installers we face working with new products all the time, and it’s highly rewarding when you bring your craftmanship and intuition into play to execute a challenging brief well and bring the interior designer’s vision to life so successfully. We’re over the moon with the result and also happy to have such beautiful room shots so we can share the finished look.