Whether it’s a relaxed family gathering or a sophisticated dinner party, gathering around a table to enjoy good food will always be a lively affair, and we think your dining room décor should contribute to this celebratory environment. It’s a great opportunity to have some fun with vibrant colours and patterns that will set the scene for some memorable times.

Applied Colour Psychology expert Karen Haller says: 'When picking colours for the dining room (or any room in the home), think about how you would like to feel and behave in the space with your family and guests. Then look to the colours that give you that feeling – those resonate with you and your personality.' Here we share some of our favourite designs in a range of palettes – there’s one to suit every personality.

We love the glossy lacquered finish of this deep-red chinoiserie by Fromental. In the evening, when lit by lamplight or candlelight, it will look so glamorous and elegant:    

Paradiso in Montparnasse (lacquered).jpg

We’re huge fans of de Gournay’s beautiful Japanese and Korean collection. The delicate, hand-painted designs are strikingly contemporary in style. Some work equally well in both formal and more low-key settings: 

Willow design in original design colours on Sterling Silver gilded tea paper.jpg
Fishes design in Blue Pearl design colours on Real Silver gilded paper.jpg

In Victorian times the dining room became a focal point of the well-to-do home; the rituals of mealtimes were considered a reflection of both one’s personal character and, ultimately, the collective character of a nation. In his 1886 domestic manual English Home Life, Robert Laird Collier wrote that ‘dinner, the world over, is the symbol of people’s civilization.’ Dinner came to have great cultural power, with much attention and expense being lavished on the dining room.

We think De Gournay’s Papiers Peints Panoramiques, some of which are reproductions of original 19th-century designs, are worthy of the grandest of dining rooms. They depict such scenes as famous battle victories, hunts, far-away lands and mythological figures. We love the story-telling nature of these dynamic wallcoverings – they make us feel like we could step into them and be whisked away to another world. 

nglish Landscape design in part custom design colours on Old Gold gilded paper with pearlescent antiquing.jpg
La Chasse de Compiegne design in Aurore design colours on Aurore scenic paper.jpg
Early Views of India design in Paille colourway on Crystal Grey scenic paper.jpg

Whether you opt for a traditional scheme or something more daring and playful, the décor of your dining room, like the rest of your home, should reflect your personality and lifestyle. It’s a space that needs to feel inviting and sociable; the wallcovering you choose has a key role in creating this mood. Make the right choice and your guests will remember your dinner parties as much for the ambience as for the wonderful food, wine and company.

If you’re planning to decorate your dining room (or another entertaining space) and would like to discuss your brief with us, contact us for a no-obligation quote – our talented team will be happy to hear from you. 


Natalie Wells